Opportunity Champion, Lynn Miller: A Journey of Transformation


May 18th, 2024

20 mins 50 secs

Season 2

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Special Guest

About this Episode

This episode of 'Dream Big with Big Dreamers' features an inspiring conversation with Lynn Ellen Miller of Straight Talk Writer LLC. Lynn shares her journey from an opera singer to a co-author of the book 'Lead from Within' and the founder of a unique approach empowering people to tenfold their expertise. The dialogue delves into the concept of being an 'Opportunity Champion,' highlighting the distinctions between hard work, talent, and the true essence of championing opportunities for growth and success. Through personal anecdotes and professional achievements, Lynn illustrates how discovering one's purpose and persistently seeking ways to support others can enrich lives and careers. Additionally, she discusses her method of helping individuals unearth their purposes, emphasizing the power of asking the right questions and the impact of storytelling in leadership and personal development.

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