I am a business development strategist and an interview expert. Do you want to share the context behind your purpose as an opportunity champion? Experts like you will benefit from my 25+ years experience in developing online learning and digital content. Thought leaders like you benefit by expanding your reach and monetizing your expertise at the same time. My goal: to help you become known as experts in your chosen field across multiple platforms. This consulting practice helps seasoned authors, speakers and business owners because I know the challenges of monetizing your expertise.

One of my clients, a seasoned corporate leadership coach for Fortune 500 companies struggled to effectively translate her coaching expertise into a scalable program for aspiring high-potential leaders. Instead of beginning with skill development, she provided a robust assessment process to help identify blind spots and build on leaders' existing strengths. As a result of this initial group coaching program, each leader's takeaway is a development plan to execute with their manager or continue working with the coach in a one-on-one format to improve their chances of promotion. Now this coach can reach more corporate clients because of the group coaching format.

In addition to my consulting work, I am the co-author of the best-selling book, Lead from Within: Entrepreneurs Share Proven Traits for Success (December, 2023). The book is both an anthology and a practical guide to entrepreneurial success. I'm currently leading a group of speakers and authors for the national group Inner Circle Business Network. I am a classically trained vocalist and earned my undergraduate degree from DePaul University and studied at the University of Texas in Austin.

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