Diversity Unboxed: A Human Approach to Hiring with Tia Kleckner and LinkTech


In the latest episode of DREAM BIG With Big Dreamers, host Donna Serdula engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Tia Kleckner, co-founder of LinkTech. This episode dives into how LinkTech is transforming the talent acquisition landscape by embracing cognitive diversity and focusing on the unique stories and perspectives of candidates.

The Mission of LinkTech:

LinkTech is a forward-thinking talent acquisition agency committed to building cognitively diverse workforces. Unlike traditional diversity hiring practices that often focus solely on race, gender, and ethnicity, LinkTech digs deeper to understand candidates' thought processes and perspectives. This holistic approach ensures that the right people are matched with the right roles, benefiting both candidates and companies.

Tia's Inspiring Background:

Tia Kleckner's diverse upbringing in Montana, with a mixed-race family, shaped her unique outlook on life and career. Her story is a testament to the power of diverse perspectives. Tia's maternal grandfather, a farmer from North Dakota, taught her resilience and a strong work ethic, while her paternal grandfather, a celebrated musician, instilled in her the values of perseverance and creativity. These experiences have deeply influenced Tia's approach to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Diversity Unboxed: Beyond the Traditional Metrics:

LinkTech's Diversity Unboxed initiative challenges the conventional metrics of diversity hiring. Instead of placing candidates into predefined categories, LinkTech explores the deeper aspects of their identities and experiences. This approach not only fosters a more inclusive workplace but also drives innovation by bringing together varied perspectives and thought processes.

The Importance of a Human Connection:

In an era where AI and algorithms dominate the hiring process, LinkTech emphasizes the importance of human connection. Tia highlights the need for job seekers to celebrate their unique stories and skills, rather than relying solely on automated systems. By focusing on personal narratives, LinkTech ensures that candidates feel valued and companies find the right cultural fit.

Advice for Job Seekers:

Tia offers practical advice for job seekers navigating today's competitive job market. She emphasizes the importance of highlighting transferable skills and reading between the lines of job descriptions to stand out. Candidates should leverage AI for guidance but maintain their authentic voice and individuality to truly shine.


This episode of DREAM BIG With Big Dreamers is a must-listen for anyone interested in diversity hiring, career growth, and the future of talent acquisition. Tia Kleckner's insights and LinkTech's innovative approach provide a refreshing perspective on building inclusive and dynamic workforces.

Connect with LinkTech:

Visit their website: www.thelinktech.com
Connect with Tia Kleckner on LinkedIn: Tia Kleckner's LinkedIn
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