Recruiter Secrets Revealed: A Conversation with Rich Deakmann


June 23rd, 2024

35 mins 53 secs

Season 2

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About this Episode

In this episode of 'Dream Big with Big Dreamers,' host Donna Serdula welcomes Rich Diekmann, founder of MDSI, to explore the world of recruitment. Rich shares his vast experience in executive search for technology sales, the importance of long-term relationships with candidates, and the evolving dynamics of recruiting. The discussion covers how recruiters operate, the significance of well-crafted LinkedIn profiles, and effective interview strategies. Rich provides valuable tips for both job seekers and recruiters on building networks, approaching potential opportunities, and closing interviews successfully. Tune in to gain an insider's perspective on navigating the job market and fostering professional connections.

0:00 Rich Deakman
00:11 Introduction and Welcoming Rich
00:46 Rich's Background and Company Overview
01:35 The Value of External Recruiters
03:08 Building Long-Term Relationships
06:10 Rich's Origin Story
08:12 The Evolution of Recruiting
18:40 Ensuring LinkedIn and Resume Consistency
20:48 The Importance of Interview Preparation
22:26 Effective Interview Closing Techniques
23:14 The Two-Way Street of Interviews
28:27 Follow-Up Strategies Post-Interview
33:03 Building Relationships with Recruiters
34:57 Conclusion and Final Thoughts