As a high-performing executive with 20+ years of diverse leadership experience in the military and in commercial manufacturing environments, James C. George's superpower is solving challenging problems and driving operational excellence through continuous improvement and Lean Six Sigma practices.

In his current role as a Corporate Black Belt leader for a consumer goods company, he leads highly capable teams in game-changing business transformation efforts, streamlining operations, improving productivity, and generating multimillion-dollar cost savings each quarter.

Previously, as a U.S. Army officer, James C. George led multiple high-profile initiatives involving thousands of people, millions of dollars in equipment, and hundreds of miles of land, both in the U.S. and abroad.

At heart, he is a servant leader who engenders trust, respect, and confidence at all levels. Deeply committed to coaching and mentoring, he has developed individuals into top team performers in complex, evolving manufacturing environments, as well as mentoring hundreds of soldiers, many who have risen to the top ranks of the military.

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