Craig Coffey is the Founder & President of Way Maker Leadership, an Executive Coaching practice helping senior executives achieve their full potential, build stronger teams, and deliver inspired results. Craig brings +30 years of senior-level business experience. Craig's worked for several Fortune 300 companies where he had a proven track record of building businesses and well-recognized global brands for Kraft, Pizza Hut, PepsiCo, Nokia, Wells Fargo, to name a few. Craig is a Diversity & Inclusion champion and has recently created a framework using the acronym BELONG to help companies build sustainable, comprehensive D&I platforms.

Finally, Craig is also working on a writing & publishing project regarding his father's biography. TEASER: It's a compelling story of an African American's journey from a childhood in Kansas during the depression; to fighting in two wars, becoming a highly decorated soldier and one of a few African American commanding officers; to serving a President in the White House with an inside view into some of history's most significant moments.

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